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Lac Holt Fishing Lodge
153-A, avenue Perreault
Val-d'Or (Qu├ębec) J9P 2H1

Phone : 819 825-5533 Fax : 819 825-1199

Email : info@lacholt.com

Lac Holt






Welcome to Paradise !

Over 70 square kilometers of exclusive rights to pristine wilderness located in Salmon country, 90 kilometers northeast of Havre-Saint-Pierre on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

We offer the chance to relax and take a step back to a place untouched by progress, a place where the lake waters are pure, the rivers run wild through rapids and falls, a place where nature rules!

Visited by a select few every year, and accessible by air only, Lac Holt Fishing Lodge offers total relaxation, excellent accomodations, great food, internet access, ip phone communications, and personalized service devoted to your comfort.

And by the way, the fishing is FANTASTIC !


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