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Lac Holt Fishing Lodge
153-A, avenue Perreault
Val-d'Or (Qu├ębec) J9P 2H1

Phone : 819 825-5533 Fax : 819 825-1199

Email : info@lacholt.com

Lac Holt




Getting Here


Getting here is easy, simply get to Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec and we'll do the rest.

Havre-Saint-Pierre is also simple to get to. Located 240 km east of Sept Isles (a major indusrial and port city) on highway 138, Havre-Saint-Pierre is a fully serviced community with daily flights available from Montreal, Quebec City, and Sept Isles. Havre-Saint-Pierre is an imporant tourist center and has excellent restaurants, accomodations, supermarket, fishing tackle stores, and of course wine and spirits.

  Having a meal of freshly caught scallops, lobster, and crab by the beach in Havre-Saint-Pierre is a great way to begin your spectacular adventure at Lac Holt Fishing Lodge.






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