Lac Holt outfitters :: No man's land

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lac holt outfitter - fishing paradise

Enjoy fishing Landlocked salmon and Brook trout onto Lac Holt Oufitter's 75 quare kilometers of exclusive territory.

Fishing in the great lake Watshishou is like getting back in touch with the wildness of Quebec as the coureurs des bois probably knew it

At that time the forests were virgin, the animals abundant and the fish numerous, the outfitter of the lake holt offers you all that

Reserve your spot now for fishing season 2024

Reserve your spot now for fishing season 2024

Fisherman Andre Croteau holding a LANDLOCKED SALMON​ Lacholt Outfitter

best fishing paradise in the world for the LANDLOCKED salmon and more...

Hunting mooses, black bears and other wildlifes onto the lac holt outfitter's exclusive territory...

Wild moose caught in forest neer hunting camp at lac holt ouftitter
Airplane on a calm lake - Lac Holt Outfitter

Your wonderful journey to the best outfitter in canada

we garantee that you will catch fish like never before

Be one of the first fisherman to set a foot on our exclusive territory since years!

After a few years of restructuration, the new management team is more than ready to welcome you to the lac holt 2023 fishing season.   Enjoy one of the few quiet place on earth where you can find the rare fresh water salmon specie.